What is WordPress?

August 5, 2021
Cristian Sánchez


WordPress is a content management system. This type of system can help you modify your website and add content such as text, images and videos without needing to spend excessively on development. WordPress is the most widely used content management system on the internet today. 40% of the websites in the world use WordPress.

Why are so many businesses using WordPress?

WordPress is dominant in the content management market for a number of reasons. Because it is so widely used, it has a huge community of developers producing new capabilities for the platform. The system also has a graphical interface that is very easy for new users to use. Also, since the system is used so widely, it is relatively easy to find service providers to work with websites built using WordPress.

Is WordPress secure?

The reality is that no technology is 100% secure. So the short answer is "no". What we can do is follow existing best practices to secure our systems. So we find the following answer to the question "Is WordPress secure?":

It depends on how you use it.

Creating any type of website does not only require paying a developer to create it and leave it there forever without any type of continuous improvement. The world of technology is one that is rapidly evolving. Vulnerabilities are constantly being found in any technology. Therefore, if you have a WordPress website, you should update it frequently to have the latest security fixes. WordPress has an automated update system, which helps keep your system secure.

However, using this automated system carries the risk that aspects of your page may stop working due to lack of compatibility of parts of your system. This is why updates should be tested in a test environment before taking them to the production environment.

WordPress extensibility and customizability: Plugins and Themes

There are two types of modules that can be used to improve your WordPress website: themes and plugins.

Themes allow you to bring visual templates to your website that facilitate the design process. There are many themes for all types of pages. These can have a high visual quality with beautiful designs. You can save when designing your website using a theme with an appropriate template for it.

The other type of module that can be added to WordPress pages are plugins. While themes are tools that mainly help to improve the visual style of websites, plugins are used to add logic capabilities to your page. For example, there are plugins that allow you to add a calendar and appointment capabilities to your website, there are also plugins that allow you to create online stores and plugins that improve the operation and speed of WordPress. In short, plugins can be powerful tools for your business.


In summary, using WordPress to build your website means that you will have the ability to add content without the help of a programmer. With WordPress, there are many plugins available that can be used to add functionalities to your website. These plugins can be free or they can have an additional cost for more advanced capabilities.

However, there are maintenance issues that you should consider when you decide to create a website. You should take into account that you need to update your website to secure it and avoid potential hacking.

Next, we share a list of plugins with features that we consider essential to build a website using WordPress. These have excellent reviews and are widely used in the WordPress community. If you are interested in hiring an expert WordPress developer, you can contact us, or complete our customer questionnaire.

Plugins we recommend for WordPress websites

SEO: Yoast SEO

Active installations:> 5 million

Yoast SEO allows you to evaluate whether your posts or pages will be viewed favorably by search engines. Having pages optimized for search engines helps you get free promotion since people who search on Google will be able to see results from your page without having to pay anything.

Speed and Caching: WP Rocket

Active installations: Currently, WP Rocket is not on the wordpress.org website so we cannot report the number of active installations.

This plugin improves the speed of your WordPress website. It does this through various changes to how WordPress handles and delivers the files that make up your page.

Security: Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Active installations: >1 million

This plugin monitors the attempts to log into your page and shows a count of these in addition to presenting the IP address from which the attempts were made. It allows to put the IPs in a black list so that they are denied from then on. In addition, with this plugin, you can set a maximum number of attempts to log in for different IPs, thus making the process difficult for hackers who try to attack by brute force.

Sure, the base tool you need to protect your page is to use strong passwords.

Page builder: Gutenberg

Active installations: All WordPress installations since version 5.0 include Gutenberg

Gutenberg is a page builder that is included in WordPress and helps to visualize your pages while modifying them. Thus the process of creating pages is one that you can do without having any programming knowledge. We like Gutenberg as it doesn't add as many resources as other page builders. This allows your page to be faster.

Website Backups: Updraft Plus

Active Installations: >3 million

Updraft Plus allows automated backups. Having a backup solution is of utmost importance as many types of problems can occur requiring you to restore your page from a copy. Examples of problems that can occur are page configuration errors and your page being attacked by hackers.

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