Web Design Service

Our website design service is ideal for businesses that want to add a web presence without the need to sell through their page. You will be able to display content and information about your products for your potential customers. You may also collect customer contact information through electronic forms.

After the design is complete, you have the option of using our maintenance service. This will be defined at the beginning of the project. Our website maintenance fee is currently $75 per month. The maintenance service can be canceled per client request.

Included in the Web Design Service

Included with the Website Maintenance Service

Our Website Development Process

Step 1: Analysis

Estimated time: 3 business days

We will analyze your current web presence and we will make recommendations on how we can improve it. Based on the analysis we will establish your web presence with the following steps.


Step 2: Establish a consistent business image on the web

Estimated time: 5 business days

We will modify your existing presence to make it true to the reality of your company. This can include Google search results and your social media presence. This step is optional as it depends on the current state of your web presence. Also, this step can be done in conjunction with your website design and specification.


Step 3: Website design and specification

Estimated time: 7 business days

We will design a unique website for your business. The design of the page will be done to optimize its performance in search engines. The starting price includes 3 pages. We recommend the following: home page, blog, and contact. We will allow you to evaluate the design and specification to come to terms with them.

Step 4: Website Implementation

Estimated time: 10 business days

After we have agreed on the design and specification of the website, we will implement it. We will do internal tests to ensure the quality of our product.

Step 5: User acceptance test

In this step, the page will be tested by the client and if problems are found, they will be fixed by our team.

Step 6: Maintenance

We provide the hosting and management of your website in the cloud for a monthly cost. We are available to continue the development of new functionalities and improvements for your page for a cost to be negotiated according to the complexity of the project.

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